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Index of all Articles in the Buy Real Estate Category

  • For instance, you are quite tired of renting apartment units. It is been a long time since you have been renting (probably when you have started your first work several years ago) and you estimated that you have already spent an amount sufficient to purchase a modest and permanent home. At this point in time, you realized that it is now the moment to shop for a home that you want to stay in.
  • Two Crucial Steps Before You Buy Real Estate

    To buy real estate is the largest single purchase most people will make in their lifetime. When you commit to buy real estate, you should be as educated about the process as possible. It pays to be cautious, yet proactive. A single mistake in the process t
  • Can You Afford A House?

The time has come to buy a house. Questions buzz around in your head like a swarm of angry bees: How much can I borrow? How much do I have to put down? How much will my payments be? Well, let me suggest starting with the How much can I borrow? que

  • Affordable Homes: Real Estate in Nations 10 Most Cheap And Livable Metro Areas

The 10 most livable and most affordable real estate metro areas in the United States have a number of other favorable characteristics in common, according to a new HouseHunt Current Real Estate Market Conditions survey conducted by HouseHunt, Inc.

Real Estate News and Events

  • Real estate: More price drops, more layoffs (CNN Money)

    For those in the real estate industry and for those looking to buy or sell a home, it could take until 2009 to catch a break.

    Mayor Bloomberg provided the answer yesterday to the question that's on a lot of New Yorkers' minds: Are housing prices here going to drop? Yes - with an important qualifier - was the mayor's assessment. "I think you can expect real-estate...
  • Credit squeeze hits European real estate market (International Herald Tribune)

    In the days of low-cost borrowing and willing investors, the real estate business in Europe was a dream job. But the rising cost of borrowing this year, combined with the credit crunch that began in August, has put an end to those dream times.
  • The real estate cartel (Canadian Business)

    Are real estate brokers a cartel? "It's a monopoly, it's a cartel, it's an oligopoly," said Ned Goodman of Dundee Corp. recently of the Big Six chartered banks.
  • Property owner, real estate broker spar over city site (BizJournals)

    The former owner of a building at 300 W. Pratt St. in Baltimore City is claiming in a lawsuit that real estate broker Colliers Pinkard failed to disclose it was also representing the company that eventually bought the downtown Baltimore property.
  • Real Estate Investor, Home Foreclosure Expert Launches New Web Site to Help Deal with Crisis (PRWeb via Yahoo! News)

    Real estate investor and home foreclosure expert Dave Dinkel recently launched a Web site ( designed to help victims of the recent foreclosure crisis take back control of their financial destinies.
  • ING mutual plans global real estate fund (Reuters via Yahoo! India News)

    MUMBAI (Reuters) - ING Investment Management (India) Pvt Ltd on Tuesday filed initial papers with India's market regulator to launch a fund of funds that would mainly invest in one of ING Group's existing real estate funds.
  • Buy Gulf stocks, says NBAD (AME Info)

    Investors should take the chance to buy Gulf Arab stocks at the present time, with a particular emphasis on the real estate and energy sectors, according to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi's (NBAD) Nazem Al Kudsi, Head of the bank's Asset Management Group, and cited by Reuters.
  • By the numbers: Local expert offers his take on the real estate market by looking at figures (Naples Daily News)

    Tired of some of the hot air spouted about the state of the real estate market in the wake of the 2005-6 boom, expert George Percel has offered his own gritty take on the situation.
  • ICICI Venture to float $2 billion real estate fund (

    The fund, which will be launched next month, will have a tenure of ten years and the money will be invested in projects within three years. The fund from the country's largest private equity fund (it manages assets of over $2.5 billion in a diversified portfolio) comes just 18 months after it launched a real estate fund of $500 million. Of this, it has already invested 70 per cent in various ...

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